NBA Predictions 2015-16: Up/Down/Stay Standings Predictions


Up/Down/Stay Standings Report

The U/D/S Report is simple.  The final standings from the season prior are in the left column, in the middle is whether we think those teams will improve (Up), decline (Down), or remain static (Stay), and then our predicted 2015-16 standings are in the right column.

For example I believe the Warriors will remain on top the Western Conference standings, so they “Stay” and are seen again on top of the predicted standings.  Obviously the top 8 teams in both conferences will make the playoffs and the other 7 will be in the draft lottery so they are separated by background color.

Both Donald and I have toiled over every team and constructed our own Up/Down/Stay Reports for both the Western and Eastern Conference in the NBA.  Feel free to disagree, comment here or on Facebook, and let us know what you think.

Nick: Eastern Conference


Donald: Eastern Conference


Nick: Western Conference


Donald: Western Conference



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