[Open] Practice Podcast | LAKERS

We talk with CincyVsEveryone’s Jesse Mapati, ProFootball Spot’s Chris Lehman, and OutLoud! Culture’s Donald Green about this season’s Lakers.

How good can they be? How bad could it get?
Did they do the right thing in waiving Robert Upshaw?
Metta or Jabari?
How much can we expect from the young guys?
All discussed right here on the Open Practice Podcast.

CincyVsEveryone: http://www.cincinnativseveryone.com/a…

Wordpress: https://theredshirtchrislehman.wordpr…
Profootball Spot: http://profootballspot.com/profile/15…

Wordpress: https://thedonaldgeenba.wordpress.com
OutLoud! Culture: http://outloudculture.com/author/dona…



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