Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns floor spacers and raisers

Last season the Phoenix Suns didn’t get their 6th win of the season until December 15th, they were 6-24. This season they got their 6th win on November 10th. At 6-3 the Suns are having their best start to the season since the 2009-10 season when they went to the Conference Finals. Since then the Suns have waffled in between 40 and 19 wins with one remarkable 48 win season that looks as odd in hindsight as it was in the moment. 

Now the Suns are on a 54 win pace and have already had big wins over the 76ers, Clippers, and a 1 point overtime loss to the Nuggets. Last year Devin Booker scored 59 points and 50 points in back to back games and everyone was asking, well does his production really lead to wins? And now the Suns are starting to put it together with some big roster changes that are already starting to work for them and their young star. 

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